Friday, December 30, 2011

OpenSuSE 12.1 quirks

There are some issues that I want to track.
This post will keep an updated list.

  • When using VMware player 4.0.1 with a VM (XP) that is sitting on a NTFS filesystem, the system will be very unresponsive after a few minutes.
    Solution: When you move the VM to an EXT4 partition, everything works.
  • XBMC shows green dots or static during playback.
    Solution: Change render method from "auto" to "Basic Shaders" or "Software"
  • XBMC crashes at startup when using Gnome Shell.
    Solution: Start in windowed mode and switch to fullscreen.
  • When running from SSD the system freezes for a few seconds during heavy I/O (when copying files between SSD folders). When the I/O operation is finished, everything returns back to normal.
    Disabling Gnome Shell (and forcing fallback mode) seems to resolve this problem.
    Solution: set io scheduler to "noop" and not "cfq"
    also, add these options to your ext4 mount options for root volume in  /etc/fstab: 
  • The crypttab "timeout" option does not work.
    Solution: Put your options in the 4th column and thus replace the second "none" keyword.
    before: encr_dev_name encryp_dev_disk none none
    after:    encr_dev_name encryp_dev_disk none luks,timeout=5
    see... very easy
  • XFCE does not allow scanning when installing HP device using HPLIB
    solution: install the Xsane package!


  1. I also got the green dots in XBMC running in Arch Linux on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61. This machine also has an Intel GM965 graphics controller. Setting the rendering method to software worked ("Basic Shaders" produced red dots instead though) so this is almost certainly a quirk with this particular graphics adapter.

  2. Thanks for this post. I have got the green static using XBMC on an Intel 965GM too, under Ubuntu 13.04. Software mode worked fine, cheers!