Saturday, September 15, 2012

Installing OpenSuSE 12.2 XFCE on IBM ThinkCentre M51 8144

I downloaded the DVD for 32-bit machines and used it to install version 12.2 next to my existing 12.1 installation (installed on disk1).
My machine also had a 11.4 installation (on disk2) so I decided to use that partition scheme and replace it with 12.2

This blog is getting less and less posts simply because everything is working better and better with every release. The installation process itself is very polished and under-the-hood some advanced detection and configuration is taking place because after the reboot everything just works.

I had the new grub2 menu (which was installed to the root of disk2) and still had the option to start the old 12.1 installation on disk1 without any problem.

The only hick-up during the installation wizard was the detection of the existing linux partitions. Because I have an encrypted partition the detection took a while (20 minutes or so) but I guess that is by design...

Afterwards I was able to configure the encypted partition using the GUI YaST partition tool, and now when rebooting I get the password prompt and the drive is mounted correctly...

I added the timeout=3 parameter to the /etc/crypttab file and everything worked as with version 12.1 (again, replace the second "none" keyword with this timeout parameter.)

The plymouth option is working well when switching from splash-boot to X. But during Grub2 and early-splash you still get some flickering.

Compositing is enabled by default with XFCE but can be disabled in the system settings (Advanced Window Manager tweaks)

So the basic Desktop works, now the migration of all other applications and data from 12.1 to 12.2 can begin...

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