Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Installing openSuSE 12.3 on an external USB HDD

Another openSuSE version... another post about installing it...

This time I used the 32-bit DVD version but the procedure should also work for the live CD's.
Make sure you uncheck the "use automatic configuration" box when prompted.

I created a root partition on the external disk and formatted it with EXT4.
As you can see on the screenshot it is called /dev/sdb1

That means that the disk was detected while booting from DVD as the SECOND DISK.
However, when you boot from USB, the BIOS will report the USB disk as the FIRST disk.
This is important for the Grub configuration.

You will have to change the proposed Grub configuration (by clicking on the BOOTING link)
First, make sure you select GRUB and not GRUB2 (doesn't play nice with this setup)
Then make sure you only tick the box: "Boot from root partition"
And finally open the advanced section and move the USB disk to the top so that the disk order represents the BIOS order when booting from USB.

All this should result in the following summary:

Now resume your installation as you would normally do and enjoy this new release...

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